Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Easy Job Search / Application Website

I've been searching and applying for a couple weeks now and have come to the conclusion that there are good job search websites and bad ones.

A good one I have found is CyberCoders. This is one of the easiest job search websites to use and makes the process of finding a job and applying to it pretty painless. Most of the jobs have email and phone contacts to the recruiters.

It's an engineering-type job search engine but if you're in that field, then score!

The application process is very informative. It lets you build an identity for each job app. You select the experience you have in a particular area, answer whatever questions the recruiter has, and enter some references. It even displays the job description for you in the same same screen which I think is really helpful if you're applying on the fly.

CyberCoders is great.

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