Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Interview: No Dice

OK, so the first interview didn't go so well. I found that I was lacking some of the experience I needed for the job. Understandable but I am thankful for getting an interview so soon after starting my job search.

I wasn't expecting to be so out of it in terms of what I learned in school. However, I learned that being in a job you don't enjoy causes you to forget skills you aren't using. If I was going to stay with my database programming job, I was going to need to make a decision.

Either accept the fact of being in a career field I don't enjoy, or go to work during the day and practice and re-learn what I really wanted to do when not at work.

I can still make those decisions, but I don't have a job anymore. I can find another job doing database programming and accept it, or study up, look for my dream job, and don't settle for anything less.

I choose the road less traveled. I'll definitely learn a thing or two and grow up a little while I'm doing it.

I'd rather fail doing something hard, then succeed doing something easy.


Dividend Growth Investor said...


I hope you find a career matching your interests very soon.

Btw have you thought about monetizing this blog using google adsense?

Steve said...


I guess I haven't really thought of it. More just focusing on detailing my experience. I suppose it would be a very good idea though. There is a lot of subject matter going on with the blog already. I'll have to look into it. Any ideas on ways I could get started?