Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prepare For The Long Haul

I started to realize today that it had been two weeks almost since I talked to Google about a possible interview. A very good friend of mine had forwarded my resume onto someone working with Google in San Fransisco. I heard from the person working for Google that I was guaranteed an interview with them.

I get an email one day from a Google recruiter saying that there were no openings matching my experience. I remembered that I didn't send along a cover letter or anything indicating my wish to change career paths. After kicking myself a few times, I quickly replied to her email, and informed her of my situation.

It's now been that two weeks or so and no response back. I hope what I replied with has been read and considered and it's only a matter of time before they contact me. I never placed all of my hopes on this Google thing. I would be disappointed if my resume now lies at the bottom of the Google resume pool.

OK. Long story short, I know I may need to find some kind of temporary job to bring in some extra cash. I'd like to find something simple, so that I don't have two job searches going on. But I can't work too much because I don't want to take away from my time job searching. So I guess I just need money to help pay for my car, rent, and save my spendings.

My temp job ideas: Grocery stores, restaurants, construction, landscaping, computer IT, etc.

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Meg said...

Dude, Google is supposed to be one of the best companies to work for in the United States - don't give up on them!