Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What I'm Not Doing While I'm Not Working

Without having a job and getting a paycheck every 2 weeks, I can't spend money like I used to. I got a lot of advice on what I don't need to be doing, and I was going to try and sum up my plan here.

What I won't be buying
- Fast food
- Dr. Pepper (My daily habit)
- Magazines
- Gas (Only drive when I absolutely need to)
- XBOX 360 Games (I miss that)
- Clothes (I don't need any right now)
- Beer, Booze, etc.

What I should only spend money on
- Rent (Need to live)
- Car payment (Bought a car when I had a job)
- Gas (For driving only when I need to)
- Food (Pasta, cereal, milk)
- Clothes (In case I need something new for an interview)

I realize I look cheap but hopefully I can outlast the unemployment period. Although, I do plan on getting a temporary job just so I don't blow all my savings waiting around for a job offer. Also, it will get me out of the house during the day and earn money to pay my car off and for rent.

Hire me please!

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