Tuesday, September 16, 2008

EMIDA Interview

I interviewed with EMIDA today. No gas problems or long drives. The interview seemed to go really well and I think I am looking at a call back here.

The interview process wasn't very long, I was only there about 30 minutes. It feels like it was plenty of time to get my experience across as well as understand more of what the position will be. With the experience I have, I really believe I could help this company and be a great asset as a Software Engineer.

The job would be dealing mostly with Java and C# development. I had thought initially the job would be using some database programming from what I had read in the description. However, I learned in the interview all of the database work had already been finished and I would only be responsible for more of the software application side.

Hopefully I get an email or phone call from them today and either talk over the phone or go to their office again. I'm liking where this is headed so far.

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Meg said...

Seems as though you've abandoned your blog...