Monday, September 15, 2008

Extron Interview

Today I had an interview with Extron Electronics for a Software Applications Engineer position. I didn't realize how tough interviews could be when you're asked the easiest of questions. Questions like "Tell me about yourself" and "Describe your experience at X" seemed to be like asking to derive some equation.

It was just my nerves though and I knew that.

Gas problems

The morning starts out well. I get dressed and gather my things. I leave with plenty of time to get there. Anaheim is about 30 minutes away and I leave with an hour until my interview.

When I get on the freeway, the traffic is somewhat bad and I realize I should have gotten gas in Lake Forest. I look for the nearest exit. I find one station and it's being fixed so I can't go there. I'm panicking by now and wasting time. Luckily there is another across the freeway and I fill up there. By this time, I'm sure I am going to be late so I'm trying to accept that fact.

Back on the freeway, the traffic is much better. I drive the speed limit and come up on the exit with about 20 minutes left. I roll in to the main Extron building 10 minutes early and fill out the application ON TIME!


After filling out the application, I walk over to the Extron Research and Development building to interview with David Libman, one of the heads of Product Development at Extron. He asks me these simple questions of "What is your experience", "How do you think it qualifies you for this job" and "What do you think a Software Applications Engineer does?"

The first two are pretty easy for me and I try and answer them with as much information as I can. Thinking about it afterward, I could have been a little more detailed and organized, but I'll have to remember that next time. For the third one I only had what was on the job description sheet to go off of. What I answered didn't seem to be anywhere near what David described to me after I answered. He described so much but I got the feeling I hadn't answered wrong, I just didn't know what it meant besides what was on paper.

Coming out of his office, I felt I answered all of his questions very well and think I did a good job.

Human Resources

I had to wait about 45 minutes for the HR part of the interview. This was just going over some of the questions I answered on the application and some others. Some other questions involved:
  1. Verify I can work in the US
  2. All of my answers are accurate
  3. Past work experience
  4. What work I am looking for
  5. My work ethic
  6. How I think others perceive my work
  7. My previous managers
  8. Salary requirements
After that I was done and it was time to go home. For 3 hours or so, it wasn't bad at all. I'm looking forward to tomorrow with EMIDA. I will try and give the same kind of update as I did here.


Ankita Garg said...

did you get job in Extron electronics ?

Ankita Garg said...

Your interview description was good and helpful. Did you get job in Extron Electronics ?

Irvine Engineer said...

I just interviewed at Extron. The managers and engineers were very friendly, intelligent, it was great
talking shop with them.

The subsequent HR interview was OK until the woman (had braces, wore pants too tight for an office, medium complexion) brought up my beard.

Its a cm. Two of three engineers had beards. Apparently a cm is a bit much for this narcissistic pinhead social whore.

So, I didn't get it. But, I like my beard. Had it for longer than this HR bimbo was alive.

Good thing there's no good jewish, sikh, muslim, or other engineers.
I'm sure the company will do fine, building out a linux capability ... with cretin staff like this.