Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Formerly Unemployed Perspective

I had a chance to ask a formerly unemployed engineer some questions this weekend and I wanted to share his responses. I posted about him earlier this week, and got his answers back today. These answers come from Zeus, over at HeyZeus.org. Be sure to check it out if you get a chance.

Here are my questions and what he had to say:

Me: What were you doing when you weren't looking for jobs?

Zeus: I was working on my house, fixing it up, doing some chores/tasks that I had been putting off. I went organizing crazy in my office. I also officially started a business, but I didn't let it take off because I got a job with Lockheed within 2 months. I did have job interviews and career fairs that I would attend. I had a goal to find a job within a month and when that didn't happen I really cranked on the effort.

Me: How long per day did you look for jobs and how did you set out about looking for jobs? Did you use recruiters, phone calls, internet job applications?

Zeus: I spent around 2-4 hours per day posting on jobs online, and used some recruiters. I also
went to a career fair when I heard about them.

Me: Did you do anything temporary to make money?

: No, my wife and I had some extra money saved because we knew my job loss was coming. I started a business, but it didn't take off because I didn't put in the effort I should have.

Hopefully this answers some questions out there about what people do when they're not working. I'm glad I got this opportunity to share this info and hopefully more will arise.

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