Thursday, September 11, 2008


Next week I have a couple interviews setup. One I have Monday with Extron Electronics in Anaheim. They design and manufacture high end networking and audio/visual components.

On Tuesday I go to Foothills Ranch, not far from Lake Forest. This one is with Emida, a company working with prepayment products and value transfer.

I need to find a suit jacket sometime before then. I was thinking Men's Warehouse or anything like that. I was also hearing that Target and other similar stores are having some sales too, so I could check them out as well.

But I'm definitely excited about all of this. It's rewarding to see all of the effort I've been putting into this hunt producing so many results.

Ok, going to prepare.


Meg said...

Congrats!! And good luck!

I wouldn't go to Target though for any professional attire though, best to go to Men's Warehouse or something like that.

Steve said...

Yea, not expecting too much from them, but Ill give them a try.

yeloh-powah said...

3 Day Suit Broker has some decent suits for about $100. Check them out. Sometimes Macy's has some good sales on suits. It will be around the $100 range as well.

Steve said...

Wow a $100. Thats not bad for a whole suit. Ill have to check them out.