Monday, September 8, 2008

Job Recruiter Phone Calls

I have been getting some occasional phone calls from job recruiters located throughout the US about open engineering positions. Most of the calls I get are a result of their company finding my resume on CareerBuilder or Monster or something.

I don't think I am submitting to any jobs they are staffing. Most of them are staffing companies that I don't have on record. Obviously I add to them my little system. Just another resource I can use to change my employment status.

One bad thing though

The only bad aspect about most of these calls is the jobs they are recruiting for are located outside of California. I appreciate their calling me, but I wish I would do a better job of indicating on my resumes I am looking for jobs around Orange County. This way these companies aren't spending time looking for jobs outside CA, but rather letting me know of opportunities I can use.

A couple positive aspects

From now on I need to make sure to list I do not wish to relocate from Lake Forest, CA and I am looking for jobs in the Orange County, California area.

Also, from these calls, I am learning of new types of job qualifications I should look into. For instance, being able to code to some standard, or knowing a particular terchnology. Some of it is possible to learn on my free time but some of it is out of my league. I'll see what I can do with what I hear.

Lesson learned.

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