Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monster and CareerBuilder Rants

I want to get a couple things out of my head about them.


I'm tired of having to click through business school and deal ads using before I submit a job application. For instance, I saw one ad about a Masters degree from DeVry University Management School. That's all nice but I'm not looking for more schooling, I'm looking for a job. I want to go from job search results, to the job application, itself and finally to a screen saying my application was successfully submitted. Nothing else.

Also, this website needs to make the 'Apply Now!' and 'No Thanks' buttons more distinct, and separated. I've clicked a couple 'Apply Now!' buttons and it's annoying. It's too much information not directly related to job searching. Find another to make money on your website, please.

is also pretty good, but I have a gripe about their resume system. Every time you submit a resume, you have to fill out a questionaire about your work history, the job youre looking for, industry etc. What if I'm applying to 10 jobs on Monster a day? I don't want to fill that out every time.

Also I think there is a maximum resume limit per account. If you're submitting to a job and have too may resumes, it's not easy to make room to upload a new one without navigating away from your application.

Hopefully this made some sense. Had to talk about it.

I feel better.

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